Paint-your-own square drop earrings
Paint-your-own square drop earrings
Hickory Fox

Paint-your-own square drop earrings

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Create your own funky square drop earrings with our easy-to-use kit. Handmade from birch wood and hypoallergenic surgical steel studs, you can add your own personal touch to create a stand-out design - whether to match an outfit, or to create a style you just can't find in the shops.

Each kit comes with one pot of acrylic paint as standard, and you can upgrade to two pots for an additional 50p. Choose from 10 on-trend colours:

  • Fuchsia pink

  • Moon blue
  • Turquoise green
  • Sea blue
  • Mint green
  • Rose pink
  • Ochre yellow
  • Bright red
  • Black
  • Navy


This kit contains:

- 1 pair of square drop earrings (studs)

- Gold and silver leaf

- Paint (choose from 10 colours, add an additional pot for 50p)

- Paintbrush

- Glue (Mod Podge)


Please note these contain small parts and are not a toy.